CEP 810 Week 6 TPACK Quickfire Video and Blog

For CEP 810 Week 6 we videotaped a Quickfire activity. The idea was to use what was on hand to solve a problem. In my case, my wife selected a dinner plate, a large stainless steel bowl, and a potato masher. We put cards numbered 1 thru 5 in a small bowl and she selected the number corresponding to the activity of cutting cheese for a cheese board. I selected cheeses from our refrigerator including two soft cheeses and one hard cheese.


The TPACK cooking activity is a problem solving task. Given the tools and a description of the activity, what’s next?   The idea in this activity was the repurposing of items to do something they were not originally intended for. It’s the process of looking at the whole picture when deciding how to accomplish something. In my case I had three items and fortunately I was able to complete my task using two of them. The ideas TPACK are to use technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge as the pieces available when accomplishing a task. Be creative in the use of all three areas, especially the repurposing of technology.

I’ve repurposed a lot of different items over the course of my life and made many of those things do stuff that they weren’t originally designed to do. Most of the time it was all about fixing a problem or finding a solution using the parts that were available.  Moving that repurposing creativity to teaching is not as straight forward as I initially thought. I’ve learned that the teaching is not necessarily about solving the problem, which I’m most familiar with, it’s about the journey taken to solve the problem. I’m beginning to adjust my thoughts about teaching, although I will always like the closure I get from finishing a problem.

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